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The Not-So Little Red Hen

2.99 usd

The Little Red HenThe hard working little Red Hen asks her barnyard friends again and again, to help her plant her wheat seeds, but they flatly refuse. Yet when the harvest is picked, prepared and the bread baked and piping hot out of the oven... Find out what happens in this timeless tale infused with charm, imagination and a strong moral message. Beautifully narrated and sung by the highly talented singer/songwriter and author Liz Queler, featuring the most charming and gifted young children’s chorus, who join Liz in bringing a fresh approach to this brand new version of the classic English folk tale.
Join us as The Little Red Hen rustles her fabulous feathers and comes to life with loads of fun interactivity, mixed within stunning illustrations and animation!
This new app brought to you by Hal Waite, Executive Producer of "The Rugrats", offers the following features: • Breath-taking illustrations, graphics and animation by award winning animation director and illustrator Panagiotis Rappas.. • A new approach to the classic English folk tale “Little Red Hen” by singer/songwriter and Grammy nominee Liz Queler.
• Original music written just for the “ Little Red Hen” by Liz Queler featuring a charming young children’s chorus.
• Little treasures of interactivity throughout the book to makereading a more vivid experience.
• The option to listen to the narration through an actor’s voice.
• Games that will enhance your child’s abilities and imagination.
• A quality international production by Ever After Tales